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Episode 22 – “The Catalog Is Mine” (Part One)

On this 2 part episode we tell the ENTIRE story of the ATV Catalog from beginning to end!! On Part One, we talk about the songwriting relationship between Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, their time working together, everything that led to Paul losing The Beatles songs, and the details that brought the catalog to Michaels attention.. We also dabble in publishing rights and what all that means.. Enjoy!

Moonwalk Talks

Moonwalk Talks – Episode 017 – Starlight! The Story Of Thriller.

Happy Halloween Moonwalkers! On this spooky episode we talk about everything Thriller! Did you know that Thriller was originally called Starlight? Do you know the REAL reason Thriller even came to be? Find out the incredible story about the greatest music video and song of all time!! We also get a fun story from Joey Fatone of *NSYNC about his time with Michael Jackson.

Moonwalk Talks · The MJ Cast

Moonwalk Talks – Episode 011 -The MJ Cast Episode!

As you might know, Moonwalk Talks isn’t the only MJ Podcast out on the interwebs.. There is another fantastic podcast called The MJ Cast hosted by Jamon and Q. They are two of the most genuine, fun and knowledgeable MJ fans out there and Jankins got the chance to have an extensive talk with them about all things MJ! Listen to this extra long and extra special episode featuring The MJ Cast!