Anthony Jenkins a.k.a. Jankins is the host and creator of Moonwalk Talks.


Jankins, a self proclaimed “Michael Jackson Historian”, started Moonwalk Talks in 2014 at a time when there were no active Michael Jackson podcasts available. As a massive MJ and Podcast fan, he wanted to help fill the void and create a listening experience that would help new Michael Jackson fans as well as old, learn all about the fantastic life of the greatest entertainer of all time. Jankins has been a fan of Michael Jackson since he was a child, after receiving the “Dangerous” album at the age of 5.. He has followed and studied the life of Michael Jackson his entire life, reading every book, article and watching every program he can get his hands on. He in no way claims to know everything about the King Of Pop, but is always willing to learn something new.  Aside from hosting the podcast, for the last 15 years Jankins has made a name for himself as a regionally known rapper and producer.. He has worked and toured with many national acts and has earned a sizable online fanbase with his mixtape and album releases. Jankins is a one man show, doing all the research, writing, editing and producing for Moonwalk Talks.

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