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Episode 22 – “The Catalog Is Mine” The Story of the ATV Catalog.

On this 2 part episode we tell the ENTIRE story of the ATV Catalog from beginning to end!! On Part One, we talk about the songwriting relationship between Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, their time working together, everything that led to Paul losing The Beatles songs, and the details that brought the catalog to Michaels attention.. We also dabble in publishing rights and what all that means.. Enjoy!

Episode 21 – ..That Time MC Hammer Challenged MJ to a Dance Off

Remember that time MC Hammer Challenged Michael Jackson to a dance off? No? Well.. let me tell you the story..

Episode 20 – “Who’s Bad” Tribute

On this episode we travel down to the House of Blues in Dallas, TX to chat with the outstanding Michael Jackson tribute artists James Times III and Joseph Bell aka Jobel from the Who’s Bad tribute show!

Episode 19 – “King Michael” Tribute w/ Jeffrey Perez and KidQuizz

On this episode we chat with the immensely talented Michael Jackson tribute artists Jeffrey Perez and Jaquez Swanigan (AKA KidQuizz) from the “King Michael” Tribute Show.

Episode 018 – Top 10 Worst Michael Jackson Remixes!

Join us as we list the Top 10 worst Michael Jackson remixes of all time.

Episode 017 – Starlight! The Story of Thriller.

Happy Halloween Moonwalkers! On this spooky episode we talk about everything Thriller! Did you know that Thriller was originally called Starlight? Do you know the REAL reason Thriller even came to be? Find out the incredible story about the greatest music video and song of all time!! We also get a fun story from Joey Fatone of *NSYNC about his time with Michael Jackson.

Episode 016 – #TheRealMJ

On this episode, Jankins rants about the recent Michael Jackson scandal and explains all the facts to debunk this Radar Online nonsense once and for all.

Episode 015 – Michael Jackson Video Games (Part 02)

On Part Two of Michael Jackson Video Games, Jankins and his brother Tristan dive into more videos games featuring MJ! This time around they play Space Channel 5 and The Michael Jackson Experience!

Episode 014 – I Met The Jacksons!!

On this SPECIAL EPISODE we talk about going to see the Jackson’s Live and actually MEETING them! Oh.. And getting drunk. 🙂

Episode 013 – Journey to Off The Wall Review.

Jankins and his little sister Bella give their thoughts and banter about the recently released Spike Lee documentary “Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off The Wall”.

Episode 012 – Top 10 Songs feat Michael Jackson.

On this episode we find out the origin of his famous “Hee Hee” and list the Top 10 Songs That feat. Michael Jackson. Check out a playlist of songs featuring Michael Jackson on Spotify.. https://open.spotify.com/user/1267911513/playlist/7DaA0EBjTfi9XRPkcLWz0Z

Episode 011 – The MJ Cast Episode!

As you might know, Moonwalk Talks isn’t the only MJ Podcast out on the interwebs.. There is another fantastic podcast called The MJ Cast hosted by Jamon and Q. They are two of the most genuine, fun and knowledgeable MJ fans out there and Jankins got the chance to have an extensive talk with them about all things MJ! Listen to this extra long and extra special episode featuring The MJ Cast!

Episode 010 – Who Is Billie Jean?

Billie Jean is one of Michael’s greatest songs and one of his most popular hits. It tells the story about a girl who claims that Michael Jackson is the father of her child after a one night stand.. But is this story true? Its there a real Billie Jean? And if so, who is she? Lets find out.. Who Is Billie Jean?

Episode 009 – Prince Vs. Michael Jackson.

We get to the bottom of The Purple One Vs. The King Of Pop.

Episode 008 – Michael Jackson Video Games (Part 01)

Join us as we talk about Michael Jackson’s contributions to video games and even play some of them for the first time! We also chat about visiting MJ One and MJ Live in Las Vegas!

Episode 007 – Spiderman! Starring.. Michael Jackson!?

Jankins sits down with filmmaker Hank Byrd to discuss the rumors of Michael Jackson playing Spiderman and buying Marvel Entertainment.

Episode 006 – Miss Cast Away and the Island Girls.

On this awful episode we talk about the worst movie Michael Jackson has ever been a part of.

Episode 005 – Top 10 MJ Songs You May Not Know.

On this episode we list 10 Amazing Michael Jackson songs that you may not know.

Episode 004 – Captain EO

We talk about visiting Michael Jackson’s tomb on the 5th anniversary of his death, and take off with the Disney Parks 3D Adventure Captain EO.

Episode 003 – Fake MJ Vocals? (A.K.A. The Cascio Tracks)

Lets talk about the controversial Cascio tracks. Is that really Michael singing on those posthumous songs? Or did they hire an impersonator? We get to the bottom of it all.

Episode 002 – Its Not A Hologram!

Jankins visits Gibson-Inglewood studios in Tulsa, OK to chat about the Michael Jackson “Hologram”, Cirque Du Soleil shows, and argue if MJ played any instruments.

Episode 001 – Who Did The Moonwalk First?

In the first episode of Moonwalk Talks we chat about the origins of Michael Jackson’s signature move, the Moonwalk. Where did it come from? Where did Michael learn it from? But most importantly, who did it first?